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Science for the Future of Humanity

For more than eight decades, the Weizmann Institute’s dedicated researchers have collaborated across borders and disciplines, pursuing their curiosity and making inspired breakthroughs that improve the lives of everyone, everywhere.

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Get to know some of Weizmann’s great minds

The Weizmann Institute is a collection of curious, imaginative, brilliant minds working together to improve our world.

With best-in-class infrastructure, multidisciplinary collaboration, and the freedom to dream, our scientists continue to make cutting-edge breakthroughs and innovations.

Weizmann in Focus


Your gift today will go twice as far, thanks to the Blythe Brenden-Mann Foundation matching each donation with a gift to support the Women in Science initiative.

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Our Flagship Projects
Artificial Intelligence

Advancing AI across the sciences, including in drug discovery and disease diagnosis, computing and personalized medicine, robotics and astrophysics, and the environment and education

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Brain & Neural Science

Harnessing new technologies to reveal the mysteries of the brain and develop treatments for Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression, anxiety, autism, learning disorders, and more

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Frontiers of the Universe

Exploring the physics of the universe, from the tiniest particles to the largest galaxies, and launching space missions to understand the world around us – and beyond

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Our Achievements