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Artificial intelligence is accelerating scientific discovery across the Weizmann Institute. All faculties, departments, and branches of science will have access to expert support in applying this emerging technology to their research.

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“We are using Al to learn how to develop the next generation of lifesaving drugs.”

Prof. Sarel-Jacob Fleishman

Department of Biomolecular Sciences

Turning Complex Data Into Knowledge

Across biology, health, neuroscience, physics, sustainability, and more, artificial intelligence synthesizes massive amounts of data faster than ever. As Prof. Shimon Ullmann from the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics says, "We believe that making the most advanced techniques and methods coming out of artificial intelligence can help scientists across the entire Weizmann Institute."

AI at Work

Analyze clouds and their role in climate change

Weizmann scientists are using Al to achieve an unprecedented understanding of how cloud formation mediates Earth's energy balance and water cycle.

Predict the trajectory of a virus

Weizmann scientists are using Al to predict where the outbreak of viruses will occur and spread, helping to contain proliferation and save lives.

Better diagnose and treat diseases

Some of today's most important biomedical insights are emerging from datasets so huge that they can only be analyzed with the help of AI technologies.


Why AI?

Most people hear "artificial intelligence" and worry about the negative impacts it will have. The Weizmann Institute hears "artificial intelligence" and thinks of all the ways Al can be used to accelerate medical and scientific research and improve the lives of people all around the world.

Why Now?

The Weizmann Institute is accelerating the pace of discovery and laying the groundwork for a humanity-first future with AI. With a multidisciplinary team of top scientists, engineers, and experts in machine learning, this flagship will enable advances across multiple fields of science and medicine, with the potential to improve countless lives.

AI Weizmann

Why Weizmann?

With brilliant scientific minds, revolutionary technology, a unique culture of interdisciplinary research, and the freedom to dream, the Weizmann Institute of Science is leading bold exploration into the scientific unknown toward wondrous breakthroughs — real solutions that will improve our world and advance science for the future of humanity.

Join us in a new era of discovery!

Brain and neural science. Artificial intelligence. Frontiers of the universe. Environmental sustainability. The Weizmann Institute of Science's four flagship priorities are moving these crucial areas of research into the future, forging new paths through creativity, collaboration, and emerging technology. Your support will help Weizmann scientists make the next generation of breakthroughs for the future of humanity.

Other Flagship Projects

Brain & Neural Science

Frontiers of the Universe

Environmental Sustainability