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The Institute for Environmental Sustainability

Weizmann scientists are facing our current environmental crisis head on — to protect our planet today and for generations to come. They are intensifying research that will fuel innovation and generate the radical breakthroughs so urgently needed.

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“Our lab is studying microbes in their natural habitats to see how we can work with them to alieviate human impact on the enviroment.”

Dr. David Zeevi

Plant and Environmental Sciences

A Sustainable Future: Our Vision

With a pioneering spirit and a profound sense of urgency, Weizmann scientists are forging a path toward sustainability with innovative solutions to climate change, food security, alternative energy sources, carbon reduction, conservation, and more.

The Center for Food Security and Nutrition

Weizmann is leading the new green revolution to feed a growing world population under a changing climate by improving the yield and nutritional value for the four major crops — corn, rice, soybean, and wheat.

The Tom and Mary Beck Center for Renewable Energy

To address the urgent need for clean and sustainable energy production, Weizmann is leading the way with new discoveries to support the development of renewable energy technologies to power daily life — like advanced methods to improve the ability of rechargeable batteries to store energy more effectively and safely, for longer periods of time. Learn more

The Center for Climate Research

Weizmann scientists are using state-of-the-art techniques to predict weather events, develop effective strategies to mitigate and adapt to climate change, and find nature-based solutions to reset climate system equilibrium.

The Center for Sustainable Materials

Developing resource-efficient, nontoxic, biodegradable, and carbon-neutral materials and processes is a key focus of Weizmann scientists. Their discoveries will support the clean catalytic processes, energy storage, carbon capture and isolation, and the conversion of solar energy into electricity that’s essential for a sustainable future.

The Center for Environment and Health

To create effective guidelines for the protection of environmental and human health, Weizmann scientists are studying the health effects of climate change, poor water quality, and high levels of air pollution.

The Center for Marine Research

At sea, on the shore, and in the lab, Weizmann scientists are working quickly to better understand ecological interactions and the marine environment.

The Center for Biodiversity and Ecosystems Research

Weizmann scientists are creating a holistic, quantitative view of the mass of all living things to develop benchmarks for human impact on the planet and nature-based solutions.

Why Now?

Turning the tide on the environmental crisis demands immediate action. Weizmann is advancing multidisciplinary sustainability research across chemistry, biology, mathematics, and physics as well as science education to make faster breakthroughs. And then they're getting these ground-breaking discoveries into the hands of the most innovative startups to develop the revolutionary solutions the world needs, fast.


Why Weizmann?

The Weizmann Institute's unique agility, boldness, and innovative spirit help scientists remain laser-focused on the biggest challenge of our time. With the brightest scientific minds, revolutionary technology, a unique culture of interdisciplinary research, and the freedom to dream, the Weizmann Institute of Science is leading bold exploration into the scientific unknown toward wondrous breakthroughs — real solutions that will improve our world and advance science for the future of humanity.

Join us in a new era of discovery!

Brain and neural science. Artificial intelligence. Frontiers of the universe. Environmental sustainability. The Weizmann Institute of Science's four flagship priorities are moving these crucial areas of research into the future, forging new paths through creativity, collaboration, and emerging technology. Your support will help Weizmann scientists make the next generation of breakthroughs for the future of humanity.

Other Flagship Projects

Brain & Neural Science

Artificial Intelligence

Frontiers of the Universe