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Since its establishment in 1934 in Rehovot, Israel, the Weizmann Institute of Science has grown into one of the foremost centers of multidisciplinary research and graduate study in the world. With a 3,800-strong scientific community in a garden-like 993-acre campus, it fulfills Dr. Chaim Weizmann’s vision that it be a place of peace, collaboration, and scientific excellence. The slideshow below, with pictures of our broad lawns and majestic trees, our architecture and landmarks, shares just a hint of the beauty and cutting-edge infrastructure that inspires Institute scientists, students, and staff – and their families – every single day.

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Pictures can only hint at the beauty, atmosphere, and richness of the Weizmann experience. The paths winding through the campus take you past numerous gems – statuary, ponds, unique gardens and majestic trees, cafés, a variety of architecture from across decades and schools, and more, not to mention the diverse labs. The only way to truly feel it is to visit. Over and over again, we’ve heard friends returning from their first trip to campus say, "Now I see."

The American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science invites you to take part in your own Weizmann experience. A visit can be arranged that is tailored to your interests, including campus sites, research projects, and labs – after all, at any given time, the Institute has more than a thousand exciting projects underway, ranging from cancer to computer science, from neuroscience to nanotech, from plants to physics. Besides exchanging ideas during private meetings with world-class scientists and gifted graduate students, you can play and experiment in the interactive, award-winning Clore Garden of Science visit the presidential home – called Israel’s finest example of Bauhaus architecture – of Vera and Dr. Chaim Weizmann.

No matter what, your campus visit, like that of around 30,000 people each year, will likely begin at the newly reimagined Levinson Visitors Center, where interactive exhibits and multimedia presentations invite us to share the world of scientists who uncover the secrets of nature and decipher the codes of the universe.

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If you’re traveling to Israel, make sure to stop by the Weizmann Institute of Science.

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