Advancing Technology

Prof. Yonina Eldar: Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Signal Processing

Weizmann Scientist, Prof. Yonina Eldar of the department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, explains how Artificial Intelligence can be used to improve signal processing. Signal processing is a crucial component that enables many of the devices we use today including hearing aids and medical imaging equipment, like MRI, CT and X-ray, which can all greatly benefit from better imaging and resolution.

Prof. Eldar’s specializes in developing algorithms for signal processing, and for the representation and transmission of information using advanced mathematical techniques. Her lab develops AI tools and to acquire and extract information and combine them with other modes like physics or medicine to pave the way to new technologies that can see, hear, and communicate beyond existing limits.

Prof. Eldar’s innovations have helped to make ultrasound devices smaller, cheaper, and uploadable to the cloud; optimize MRI scans for medical imaging, improve data storage and communications, create super-resolution microscopy, and support computational biology.