Project-Based Fundraising:
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We make it easy to directly support a meaningful research project that inspires you, share it widely, and raise awareness.

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Share your passion through Project-Based Fundraising

The Weizmann Institute seeks solutions to the most challenging issues facing humanity. Our six areas of achievements offer compelling fundraising projects that are vital to our mission … and meaningful for you.

Find your passion

Are you ready to make a difference today? Choose a project and start your own online peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. Your efforts will provide funding for Weizmann’s life-changing research, create new networks of supporters, and raise awareness for our scientists’ mission: Science for the Benefit of Humanity.

Fundraising made simple

Supporting a cause that’s meaningful to you is easy: just choose a research project, then share it with family and friends. Your involvement directly helps scientists make crucial advances in health and medicine, education, environment, technology and more – for the benefit of everyone, everywhere.

Our Fundraising Toolkit and Resource page walks you through the simple steps to creating a fundraiser, sharing your cause with others, and making a true difference in the world.

It's that easy.

Social Action:

Be part of a life-changing discovery!

Project-Based Fundraising is a way for people of all ages to take collective action for social good. Lead a school or summer camp project in support of remarkable life-changing research. Spread the word about a cause that inspires you, and you could inspire a movement!

Students and Campers

Whether during the school year or in summer programs such as camp, you can create change year-round. Use social media to share a research project that inspires you, and get your friends and family involved in making a brighter future.


Celebrate and share a special occasion – birthday, anniversary, graduation – by supporting life-changing science and education. Memorialize the passing of a loved one in a meaningful and compassionate way.

Religious Celebrations

Many faiths have rites of passage, celebrating growth and the transition to adulthood. As you reach this stage, use social digital action to inspire your community to support an essential cause that improves lives everywhere.